Luxe 'Velvet' DEEPWAVE - 3 bundle set

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If only you could touch them...

Our popular Luxe Black Deepwave bundles are 100% virgin hair is perfect for you if you want your hair to be the silkiest yet...

AND to treat you and your bundles like the luxury they are, each bundle set of 3 comes in a free AM luxe velvet-satin bag designed to protect your hair from dust and dirt...

What to do now:

1. Simply choose your desired lengths below for each of the three bundles

eg. '18 20 22' would mean 1 bundle is 18 inches, the second is 20 inches and the final one would be 22 inches. 

2. Choose between natural black and blonde and that's it, you're on your way to slay the day! 


Please note this a bundle set of 3. 

If you would like less than 3, please find our single bundles on the product page.