Welcome to AM Wigs

"It all starts with YOU beginning today - starting your wig days here..."


Vision statement

AM Wigs, a UK based luxury hair brand to become the ultimate 'go-to' for our customers worldwide whilst becoming a global provider for the uppermost quality hair and products. 

Mission statement

To clearly offer the highest standard of quality wigs and hair extensions and service in a simplified manner whilst building a community where new wig wearers and wig lovers are encouraged to develop and learn more, and ultimately enjoy their experience choosing and wearing wigs.

Why us?

There are women out there who are curious, considering wearing their first wig but perhaps afraid or unsure where to start, not knowing what to do once bought or even whether wigs would 'suit' them.

So our job at AM Wigs is to keep it simple. We provide a simple range of essential quality wigs handpicked for you to make your life easier and save you hours, days or even months finding the best wig for you.


AM Wigs have had years experience in understanding wigs and hair quality so we inform you with important things to consider when looking and choosing the perfect wig/hair extensions for you. It's not always easy so we are working extremely hard to make sure you gain more than just our hair.

We care not only about your hair and its care but for every customer. We aim to listen and provide the best possible service so you are more than 100% satisfied. No matter the question you have, we're here for every single one and appreciate new customers reaching out to us everyday.

From the moment you first discover AM Wigs to the days you've been wearing wigs for years, we are with you.